Criminal Abuse by the Sanon Family from Rochester, New York, US

Please read this true story of a young girl who married a US citizen of Indian-Punjabi origin for love and was mistreated and severely abused by her in-laws – all criminals abusing the immigration, taxation, financial systems of justice in the US.

Do help bring these criminal abusers to justice by spreading awareness and staying alert.


RONICK SANON/ RONNIE SANON (employee of Jacobs Asset Management, New York City, NY); 

MICKY SURI/ MICKY SANON (resident of Pittsford NY); 

MANISH SANON (dentist of The Smile Center, Penfield, NY); 


DEVEN SANON (employee of Relay Therapeutics, Boston, MA); 

SERENA SANON (dental student of Buffalo University);




IRS Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud; USCIS Immigration Fraud; IRCC Immigration Fraud; USA Customs Fraud; Canada Customs Fraud; Belize Customs Fraud; Embezzlement



Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon, a US citizen of Indo-Punjabi origin and resident of New York City from Rochester Upstate New York, met, fell in love with, moved in with and lived with, a British citizen of Indian origin from the United Kingdom. He then proceeded to have her move to his part of the world from her part of the world, and she did so purely for the sake of their shared love. She sacrificed her city, country, continent, career for the sake of this union. They were content and happy, thrilled by the intensity of their connection, and so they tied the knot in marriage through an intimate civil ceremony.

Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife comes from an esteemed family. She is a qualified attorney who has degrees from prestigious universities and is a highly educated young woman. Her father is an IIT-ian, Insead Paris Executive MBA holder, who has had a successful career in renowned companies and is on the shareholder board for these companies. Her mother also has multiple degrees and accolades to her name. Her family is highly reputed and has affluence across political, corporate, entertainment, and sports industries.

Little did Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife know in the early stages of their relationship just how toxic his family dynamic was. She did not know the abuse that she, a girl from an educated, liberal, worldly family like hers would face from such an abusive, sexist, narcissistic family like his. She did not foresee a terrible cult of a regressive, patriarchal, insulated Punjabi family with a horde of unresolved trauma and conflict that nobody had sought psychological help for, despite each one of them being desperately in need of psychological help.

Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife did not know that the mother was divorced, the father was divorced (twice), the aunt was divorced (twice), the uncle was divorced, the other aunt was divorced, even the granddad was divorced. She had no idea that divorces were so frequent, accepted, prescribed for limited and little reason in the Sanon and Suri families – the families she married into for the sake of a guy who would soon prove that he was a narcissist love bombing her, only to reveal his true colours as very much a member of his toxic family that is abusive and does not respect the institution of marriage.

Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife did not know that her husband had incurred over $200,000 in sports gambling debt prior to their marriage. She did not know he was a gambling addict who had fraudulently misled her into marriage without informing her neither of his addiction nor his debt.

Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife did not know that her husband would commit theft of and fraudulently misrepresent her identity in the course of their marriage to selfishly create deceitful sports gambling accounts, breaching the terms of her contract of employment, and putting her career in jeopardy to be able to enjoy his gambling addiction without any adverse impact on his own career.

Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife had to endure her father-in-law Manish Sanon calling her “a cunt,” “a bitch,” “a whore” because she helped his second wife escape the physical abuse that Manish Sanon was inflicting on his second wife.

She had to endure her father-in-law Manish Sanon lament about how he is supposedly a ‘humble’ man while this ‘humble’ man simultaneously insulted and abused her for not spending lavishly on random and unsolicited gifts that he would expect from her due to his patriarchal, materialistic, and dowry-hungry mentality – she had to tolerate such sheer hypocrisy in the abuse she consistently and periodically suffered as inflicted by Manish Sanon.

Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife had to endure her mother-in-law Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon ensuing verbal, emotional, psychological, mental abuse against her – Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon would yell at her and berate her, create drama and raise hell disproportional to issues at hand, and constantly threaten and emotionally manipulate situations to gain control over Ronick Sanon/ Ronick Sanon’s wife and their marital relationship. Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon created a very emotionally and psychologically unsafe environment for Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife.

Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife had to endure Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon constantly and overreachingly meddle in her marriage, to guide her son Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon towards divorce by introducing him to a divorce mediator in Rochester behind his wife’s back, to try and implement her linear, narrow, and limited first-hand experience of relationships and marriages into her son’s marriage of choice.

She had to endure Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon insulting her and abusing her because she could not and would not stand for the elderly abuse of her husband’s maternal grandfather that Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon was inflicting and her children were indulging.

Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife had to deal his sister-in-law, Simran Hotchandani-Sanon who was and is best friends with her husband’s ex-girlfriend (Sana Duggal, employee of Capital One in Toronto, Canada), and would jealously and territorially mistreat her within the Sanon family. Simran Hotchandani-Sanon abused Ronick/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife through ageist insults, fertility shaming, isolating her by going to the lengths of pulling people away from her while she would be speaking to them, informing her husband’s ex-girlfriend (Sana Duggal, employee of Capital One in Toronto, Canada) of every happening in their married lives, trying to turn the family against her with lies behind her back, teaming up with Manish Sanon to oust her from the family through plotted deceit, desperately trying to make herself look like the victim in any given situation as a ploy to manipulate every person she could to turn them against Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife.

Simran Hotchandani-Sanon is the archetypical pick-me character in the Sanon family structure and her highly insecure behaviour resulted in severe psychological, mental, and emotional abuse of Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife.

Simran Hotchandani-Sanon continued to then inflict joint abuse against Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife in collusion with Manish Sanon – as Manish Sanon was already inflicting severe abuse on Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife as she had helped Manish Sanon’s second wife escape from Manish Sanon’s physical abuse during their marriage. Simran Hotchandani-Sanon seized the opportunity to align with someone else in Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s family, Manish Sanon, who also wanted Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife out of the picture. There are a series of digital and otherwise communications as proof that depict how Simran Hotchandani-Sanon insulted, abused, and connived against Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife with Manish Sanon, how a father-in-law and sister-in-law plotted to destroy a marriage and oust a young woman from her marital family.

Simran Hotchandani-Sanon is the mastermind behind orchestrating the in-law and marital family abuse of Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife.

Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife had to deal with her brother-in-law Deven Sanon’s increased manipulation by his wife, Simran Hotchandani-Sanon, by virtue of which he bullied Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife and abused her by explicitly excluding her and telling her she was not to attend family functions and events. Deven Sanon committed outright ostracisation and exclusion of his own brother’s wife, resulting in tremendous psychological, emotional, and mental abuse as inflicted on a girl who was alone in one continent for marriage with her own family at a distance of continents away.

From the very onset of their marital relationship, Deven Sanon severely traumatised Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife by hacking into and thoroughly reading the private chat between husband and wife on Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s phone. Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon and his wife were long distance at the time of Deven Sanon ransacking their private conversation containing intimate media and exchanges as shared between husband and wife. Deven Sanon stalked and fraudulently took photos of their private conversation on his personal phone and admittedly shared these photos with his own wife, Simran Hotchandani-Sanon.

Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife felt incredibly violated and this disrespectful breach of her privacy caused her significant anxiety. The casual objectification of a woman as it took place between brothers with no boundaries for what is confidential and what is not confidential when intimately shared by a woman solely in bonafide trust to her husband at the time of sharing, constituted stalking, harassment, and abuse of a woman who had not consented to having her privacy violated and shared between her husband and his brother.

Deven Sanon never made Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife feel welcome in her marital family. Instead, Simran Hotchandani-Sanon’s friendship with Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s ex-girlfriend (Sana Duggal, employee of Capital One in Toronto, Canada) and Simran Hotchandani-Sanon’s personal insecurities with Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife being aware of Simran Hotchandani Sanon and her family’s criminalities that Deven Sanon was party to and assisted for his own stake in the black money retained by Simran Hotchandani-Sanon and her family, ensured that Deven Sanon proceeded to instead bully and ostracise Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife.

Deven Sanon’s abusive behaviour was silently supported by the rest of the family – his mother and father did not say a word to oppose the mistreatment of their other daughter-in-law in allowing for her exclusion from family functions and events for the sake of Simran Hotchandani-Sanon’s intended abuse as inflicted against Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife.

Deven Sanon is of a highly fraudulent, manipulative, sociopathic, violent, and narcissistic character. He wears one mask for the world and one behind closed doors as is advantageous to the crimes committed by, and continued to be committed by Deven Sanon.

Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife had to deal with her sister-in-law Serena Sanon constantly coming over to their home in New York City for all feasible holidays and she would cook for, look after, tend to, take care of Serena Sanon’s every need only for Serena Sanon to emotionally abuse her in referring to her home as solely her brother’s home, take advantage of her every kindness, intrude and interfere in their domestic matters, gladly accept her clothes and jewellery for events, only to then not have the decency nor upbringing to do much as even just wish her brother’s wife a happy birthday for the two years of knowing his wife and shamelessly accepting her kindness, warmth, and hospitality.

Serena Sanon acted in outright entitlement – as is typical of regressive and patriarchal sisters-in-law in such Punjabi families – in accepting all the gifts, wishes, outings, efforts in reverse from her brother’s wife, however. Serena Sanon participated in inflicting emotional, psychological, and mental abuse on her brother’s wife with her ostracisation and disrespect of Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife throughout the course of their marital relationship.

Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife had to endure all of this while her husband Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon stayed mum, a coward, and unable to put his toxic family in their place, draw more than necessary boundaries against their intrusion, and to teach them how to respect his wife – as is what good husbands do and as is what is expected of them especially when they come from a problematic family of narcissists.


There is no one catalyst to the destruction of this marriage, but Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon is of and on his own the primary catalyst in failing her and his marriage. This is a girl who gave up her home, family, career to be with him in a foreign country and what did he do? Impregnate her, dupe her with divorce papers:

On the morning of 23rd December 2022 – Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon kissed his wife, told her he loved her, and told her an electrician was coming as he left their marital home for work. The electrician turned out to be the server with divorce papers.

This is Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s upbringing.

Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon is the husband who deceived his pregnant wife 2 days ahead of Christmas Day in 2022 by telling her he loved her, kissing her as he left their marital home, saying she should expect the ‘electrician’ to come at 1 PM. At 1 PM his then-pregnant wife was making him lunch when the ‘electrician’ knocked on the door of their apartment and it turned out to be a server with divorce papers. There are not enough words to describe the severe psychological trauma that Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon inflicted on his wife through such horrific mental and emotional abuse.

In mere hours after what he did to his own wife and his own marriage, Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon ran from his own marriage to participate in Deven Sanon’s sham marriage – conducted for the purpose of duping IRCC and USCIS – in Belize with his family and ex-girlfriend (Sana Duggal, employee of Capital One in Toronto, Canada).

Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon proceeded to get drunk, party, and dance with his ex-girlfriend (Sana Duggal, employee of Capital One in Toronto, Canada) that he cheated on his wife with and who is best friends with his sister-in-law, Simran Hotchandani-Sanon, at his brother Deven Sanon’s sham wedding conducted for the purpose of duping IRCC and USCIS.

Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon left his pregnant wife to deal with the surgery of their shared ectopic pregnancy on her own, left her to deal with laser surgical third degree burns that she suffered as a result from the surgery on her own, discarded her like the marriage and her meant nothing when it proved too inconvenient and difficult for him to be a man, and his behaviour was indulged and encouraged by his parents who also have no regard for the institution of marriage given the sagas of divorce in the Suri and Sanon families.

It is unimaginable abuse and pain for any girl who had made all the sacrifices she possibly could have for the sake of her marriage. She did not deserve this for the sake of falling in love, she did not deserve this for leaving her own country and continent behind for such farcical love, and she did not deserve this for not knowing that she was marrying into a family of abusive narcissists. Nobody’s sister and nobody’s daughter deserves this. No girl and no woman deserves this.

These are who the Sanons are, this is how their family is, and this is how they think it is okay to abuse and mistreat women. This is how little they respect women. Especially well-educated women from esteemed families who pose a threat to their criminal existence.

And therefore, this is who Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon is, a shame to all husbands and a shame to the institution of marriage. His behaviour was both orchestrated and condoned by his mother, Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon, and Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon remains a puppet to his mother’s cruel cause till date.

Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon is a grown biological man who admits that his mother and her cruel company have assisted and continue to assist, encourage, and enable his apathy towards his own marriage and the abuse of his own wife. Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon takes zero accountability for the mistreatment and abuse he has inflicted on his wife. Instead, Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon shamelessly lies to assassinate his wife’s character in an attempt to deny, deflect, and project blame – even going so far as to mislead those that will listen by misrepresenting and defaming his wife, a qualified attorney, as a criminal in an attempt to invalidate the abuse inflicted on her by Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon and his family.

Ultimately, this is all Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s fault. He is the reason for his family’s audacity to abuse and mistreat his wife, his cowardice is the reason for him destroying his marriage, abandoning his pregnant wife to deal with a surgical removal of their shared ectopic pregnancy on her own, and thus being the prodigal son of his mother and father’s cruel teachings of abusive behaviour.


Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon is a dangerous and abusive woman. This woman is trying her level best – and there is every proof of her efforts – to try to deport her son Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife, calling the young woman a “witch” and a “bitch,” inflicting psychological and emotional harm to Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife and his wife’s family – Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife’s mother suffered a TSA attack due to Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon unconscionably calling her at 3 AM her time and telling her to take her daughter “back to her country” – to make up lies against a victim of her own abuse to try and silence her, and also to disrepute her and cause her and her family severe pain. And Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon is doing so because her son Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon married his wife without the consent of, and thereby against the wishes of Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon.

Everything Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon has said and continues to say about her son Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife is a lie – she has no legally verifiable proof of anything she claims till date. No court of law has nor will accept any of Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon’s farcical lies – she has instead already been labelled and dismissed as cruel and insane by many government and judicial authorities.

Therefore the woman grows increasingly frustrated that she is unable to bend so much as a hair on this young woman’s head. Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon’s crusade against Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife exists because Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon was not content that her son married without her consent and she is hellbent on trying to adversely impact the life of the girl who once meant more to her son than his mother enough to marry her against his mother’s wishes.


Further, Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon is also extremely threatened and angered that as an attorney, her son’s wife can and has protected Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s maternal grandfather from the pathetic degree of elderly abuse that Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon has subjected her own father to at 87 years of age. Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon has acquired the sole ‘medical’ opinion of one of her friends in the Rochester community to have her own father FALSELY declared as demented, have the community disrespect the old man’s thoughts and words, and she purports to be his legal guardian while abandoning and neglecting him over all the holidays and for nearly a year now solely because he has a difference of opinion on what is justice as it relates to a young woman’s life than Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon does. Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon’s father, Darshan Suri, has disowned Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon for the cruelty and abuse Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon has inflicted on Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife and this enrages Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon to no end against Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife.

Numerous other, more established, doctors have since disproven the dementia claim made by Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon so she can get power of attorney over her father’s financial assets, property assets, and money. Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon’s father, Darshan Suri, is a lucid and highly intelligent 87 year old man who, till date, SUCCESSFULLY trades in the financial markets every single weekday. He is able to remember all facts, details, and recount memories in conversations. He possesses far more logic and sense of thought and expression than his daughter and her children. Darshan Suri should be able to hold his head high and maintain his dignity and respect in his old age within the Rochester community – something Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon is actively trying to prevent in marginalising him from seeking help against her elderly abuse from the same community.

Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon is a pathological liar and she can manipulate her own children and families with her lies, but she cannot manipulate others in the community who know better. Others in the community are wiser and have seen the world enough to know what a cruel and inhumane mother-in-law from a regressive, patriarchal, Punjabi family looks and acts like.

Who else could commit such crimes against their own daughter-in-law and their own father? Abuse of your daughter-in-law is rampant in such regressive Punjabi families but also abandoning, neglecting your own father, falsely declaring him as demented for money, having overgrown and despicable children like Serena Sanon and Neal Sanon steal and hack an 87-year old man’s modes of communication from him while he has COVID and is alone in an elderly citizens home – Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon’s children have been raised by Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon to be abusers in a continuing vicious cycle of abuse perpetrated by the Sanon family.


Manish Sanon, Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s father, is a local dentist at the Smile Center in Penfield, New York. Manish Sanon has a sleazy history of misogyny and mistreatment of women. He had 4 kids with a wife of 18 years, cheated on her and left her for the receptionist who was 20 odd years younger, tried to skip on paying child support to his first wife, then impregnated his receptionist girlfriend during his divorce to his first wife, had 2 more kids with his receptionist girlfriend, married his receptionist girlfriend after his divorce from his first wife, but then also divorced his receptionist wife in due course, and is now courting his third to-be wife as his girlfriend at near 60 years of age with a range of 6 kids of varying ages from various women.

Manish Sanon has also punched Darshan Suri, his first wife’s father, square in the face permanently breaking his neck. Darshan Suri was 75 years of age at the time of this incident of grievous elderly abuse. Manish Sanon’s children – Ronick/ Ronnie Sanon, Deven Sanon, Serena Sanon were all present and witness to this horrendous act. There is an existing record of a police report made by Darshan Suri against Manish Sanon in Rochester NY as a result. The reason Manish Sanon committed this heinous violence is because Darshan Suri had truthfully informed Manish Sanon’s parents, Nimmi Sanon and Kewal Krishan Sanon, that Manish Sanon was cheating on his wife with prostitutes in the course of his marriage.

Manish Sanon’s second wife called Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife post-midnight in April 2022. She was in an evidently distressed and panicked state with her toddler children crying in the background, and she informed Ronick Sanon/ Ronick Sanon’s wife – a qualified attorney – that Manish Sanon was physically abusing her. She needed urgent help. Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife did not think of herself and her own marriage to do the right thing by an abused woman in that situation, and so she advised Manish Sanon’s second wife to call the police, grab her kids, and get out of her marital home to seek a safe haven immediately.

As soon as she had done so, Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife had to endure her father-in-law Manish Sanon relentlessly calling her “a cunt,” “a bitch,” “a whore” because she helped Manish Sanon’s second wife escape the physical abuse that Manish Sanon was inflicting on her.

Manish Sanon proceeded to then constantly threaten Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife with deportation, he became hellbent on breaking up their marriage, he slandered Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife’s name with lies about her character in an attempt to silence her and to ultimately seek vengeance against her for being the only one brave enough in his family to not remain passively silent, take a stand against, and help yet another victim of Manish Sanon’s physical abuse.

For the desperate sake of any relationship with his father, Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon silently allowed and condoned for the shaming and humiliation of his wife that resulted in grave emotional, mental, and psychological abuse as inflicted on her by Manish Sanon.

Manish Sanon has a violent streak and is a menace to society. He has physically, emotionally, mentally abused every woman he has been with and he has even tried the same abuse with his son’s wife and failed miserably. As a qualified attorney, Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife has been brave about helping his victims against his abuse of them and he has hated her for seeing right through the veil he wears in society to hide the abuse he inflicts behind closed doors. He has hated not having that control and ability to manipulate Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s educated wife the way he does more vulnerable members of society.


Simran Hotchandani-Sanon’s family are tax evaders, criminals who don’t pay custom duties, and bribe airport and port authorities due to her father’s, Arun Hotchandani/ Arun Sunder Hotchandani’s self-nominated and volunteer position, otherwise known as ‘honorary consul of India,’ in Belize.

This position he has is a voluntary role, honorary consuls in a foreign consulate are not salaried positions and neither are they earned on merit. It is especially not a meritorious position in an impoverished country like Belize where it is possible to self-nominate yourself as honorary consul of India as one of only a handful of Indians. It is a role just for the sake of title to a volunteer, but a strategic one to take undue advantage of the Indian consulate in a poor country like Belize and also the corruption in a crime-ridden country like Belize.

Whereas, Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife and her family are personally friends with and know the ambassadors for India in many countries across Europe and it is known that Simran Hotchandani-Sanon’s father, Arun Hotchandani/ Arun Sunder Hotchandani; her uncle, Anil Hotchandani; and her mother, Milan Hotchandani/ Bindu Hotchandani have committed and continue to commit many tax and customs frauds, embezzle money in solely conducting cash transactions in the USA and Canada (particularly in Montreal, Boston, Miami, Rochester) – all for the purpose of continuously deceiving and defrauding the IRS, USCIS, IRCC, US and Canadian customs, and to ultimately retain black money.

Simran Hotchandani-Sanon is an extremely criminal-minded individual in her own accord. Simran Hotchandani-Sanon’s family in Belize own and operate souvenir corner-shops at Belizean shipping ports, they transfer wholesale supply of goods from Canada and the United States for their souvenir corner-shops. On multiple occasions, both to and in front of Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife – a qualified attorney with a first and foremost duty to the law – Simran Hotchandani-Sanon has publicly inquired about how her and her family can avoid the payment of customs duty on both personal valuables for herself and her relatives, as well as sizeable supplies of wholesale goods for her family’s business as transferred between Belize, Canada, and the United States of America.

Simran Hotchandani-Sanon’s parents, Arun Hotchandani/ Arun Sunder Hotchandani and Milan Hotchandani/ Bindu Hotchandani are also under investigation for insurance fraud committed by them in repeatedly and fraudulently alleging robberies of their souvenir corner-shops in Belize.

Simran Hotchandani-Sanon has outright stated to the Sanon family, in front of Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife, that Simran Hotchandani-Sanon and her family do not pay requisite customs duty. Simran Hotchandani-Sanon has also outright stated to the Sanon family, in front of Ronick Sanon/ Ronnie Sanon’s wife, that Simran Hotchandani-Sanon and her family are able to bypass customs at the Belize airport because her father abuses his voluntary position as honorary consul of India for Belize, taking undue advantage of the Indian government by bribing customs duty officers in a less developed country with extreme corruption like Belize. Simran Hotchandani-Sanon and her relatives residing in Belize, Canada, and the United States of America have – to her own admission – transported significant supplies of customs-excisable goods without paying customs duty and they continue to do so between the ports of Belize, Canada, and the United States of America.

It should then be unsurprising that a woman like Simran Hotchandani-Sanon with a Belizean passport, has married a man with Canadian and American passports like Deven Sanon when her sole contribution to the union is her family’s black money. Simran Hotchandani-Sanon has no ambitions, has never had a real career, has no accolades till date, and has married a dual citizen solely for immigration purposes. In turn, Deven Sanon has married a criminal girl like Simran Hotchandani-Sanon solely for access to her family’s black money.

It is cyclical crime and it should be looked into and investigated thoroughly by the appropriate authorities of Canada and the United States of America.


The Sanons have an ongoing history of immigration crime and tax crime:

Nobody related to Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon, a corrupt tax and audit specialist, pays the taxes that they should be paying. Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon helps her family members commit tax fraud and actively dupes the IRS in finding loopholes on how not to pay accurate taxes.

Ashish Sanon, Manish Sanon’s brother, has committed immigration fraud at scale that was assisted by both Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon and Manish Sanon – the crime and degree of crime is widely available on the internet under his name.

Micky Suri/ Micky Sanon has also enabled and assisted with green card marriages of women with Indian and Belizean passports to men in her family in exchange for money. First her father’s green card marriage to a woman with an Indian passport, then her son Deven Sanon’s green card marriage to a woman with a Belizean passport, Simran Hotchandani-Sanon.


The Sanons are a regressive, violent, abusive Punjabi family that are committing immigration crimes, tax crimes, crimes against women and nobody knows the half of it because they are sociopathic in presenting themselves as ‘good people’ to society. The masks they wear are not the reality of what is happening behind closed doors, and the crimes they are committing. They must be punished and justice must be sought for the same.

Some people in their community may know the Sanons as “good people” because they do not know what the Sanons have done and continue to do behind closed doors. They do not really know them beyond surface-level exchanges and pleasantries – sociopaths manage those well in order to still be able to show face outside and conduct their criminal activity and abuse.

The Sanons have abused and continue to abuse the systems of justice, immigration, and taxation in the United States of America. And the only people that fit into such families are girls like Simran Hotchandani-Sanon, who come from similarly criminal families that indulge in the same miscarriages of justice.

This needs to be amplified and made known to authorities and the community at large regardless of all the atrocities and crimes against humanity that they commit against their own elderly family members and the wives of their sons.